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LeMaker 7inch Touch Screen LCD Panel (1024×600) Geliştirme Kiti

Banana Pro/ Pi 7 inch RGB LCD Module

Ürün Kodu: LEMAKER.BANANA PRO 7IND | İlk İthalat Dönemi: Haziran 2016 | Garanti Süresi: 24 Ay


The LCD module connects to BananaPro/Pi via the RGB connector designed specifically for interfacing to LCD.

Provide distinct display effect with lightweight and portable


 LCD size :

 7.0 inch(Diagonal)

 Interface :

 Parallel LVDS 8 bits

 Resolution :

 1024 x 3(RGB) x 600

 Driver element :

 a-Si TFT active matrix

 Dot pitch :

 0.05(W) ×0.15(H) mm

 Connections to Banana Pi :

 40 Pin FPC to the Display Sensor Interface (DSI)

 Surface treatment :


 Color arrangement :


 View direction :

 6 O'Clock

 Power :


 Active area :

 153.6(W) × 90.0(H) mm

 Dimension :

 165.75(W) ×105.39(H) × 2.45(D) mm

 Weight :


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