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Altera DE10-Lite

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UYARI!Bu ürünler tasarım amaçlı olup sadece DOA Dead-on-arrival zamanında garantisi bulunmaktadır.
Ürün Kodu: TGM.TER.DE10 LITE ACAD. | İlk İthalat Dönemi: Kasım 2016 | Garanti Süresi: 0 Ay

Bu ürünü SAMM Marketten satın alabilirsiniz: https://market.samm.com/altera


Terasic DE10-Lite is a cost-effective Altera MAX 10 based FPGA board. The board utilizes the maximum capacity MAX 10 FPGA, which has around 50K logic elements(LEs) and on-die analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It features on-board USB-Blaster, SDRAM, accelerometer, VGA output, 2x20 GPIO expansion connector, and an Arduino UNO R3 expansion connector in a compact size. The kit provides the perfect system-level prototyping solution for industrial, automotive, consumer, and many other market applications.

The DE10-Lite kit also contains lots of reference designs and software utilities for users to easily develop their applications based on these design resources.


FPGA Device

  • MAX 10 10M50DAF484C7G Device
  • Integrated dual ADCs, each ADC supports 1 dedicated analog input and 8 dual function pins
  • 50K programmable logic elements
  • 1,638 Kbit M9K Memory
  • 144 18 × 18 Multiplier
  • 4 PLLs

Programming and Configuration

  • On-Board USB Blaster (Normal type B USB connector)

Memory Device

  • 64MB SDRAM, x16 bits data bus


  • Accelerometer

Expansion Connectors

  • One 2x20 GPIO Connector(voltage levels: 3.3V)
  • Arduino Uno R3 Connector, including six ADC channels.


  • 4-bit Resistor VGA

Switches/Buttons/LEDs/7-Segment Display

  • 10 LEDs
  • 10 Slide Switches
  • 2 Push Buttons
  • Six 7-Segments Display


  • 5V DC input

Block Diagram of the DE10-Lite Board


  • Connect with MTL2


  • Connect with D5M

  • Connect with Arduino Shield

  • Connect with LT24


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